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Fahimta Literary Discourse is a Literary Agency co-founded by Salamatu Sule a  Nigerian literary agent and book reviewer. It is established solely for the purpose of advancing the course of literature on the African continent through a universal comparison and review of literary works. We review and promote the literary creations of authors, especially those specialising in contemporary fiction and nonfiction. We also help to facilitate relationships between the writer and the publisher while also undertaking commercial services in area of book publication, sales, distribution and promotion.

Book review

Book review

We are professional book review service providers and our review of your books will help to give your work visibility and increase your readership and ratings. Why your book should get the publicity it deserves is very key and important to us. Fahimta books help you to increase readership, feedback and patronage. Don’t just stock your book on the Shelf, sign up with us and we shall help it to travel far and wide beyond you

Top picks

Top picks

Our top picks are from your favorite genre. We publish reviews that are based on Fiction and nonfiction works. Do you write Prose, Poetry or Play and even fantasy? If you do, then Fahimta is a place to place your books for promotion and sales. 

Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Every Month, we pick one of the very best books and discuss it with our literary community. Fahimta Books makes it simple and easy for you as all you have to do is just join the community by sending us an email and following us online. Our services for advertising your books are very affordable too 

Orchestra Of Her Last Rites

In this impressive debut collection of poems, the poet celebrates the deathless beauty of womanhood and motherhood, the pure and unstained innocence of childhood, the glories of our heroes past, the serene wonders of nature, and immortal gift and principle of love.



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The Girl in the Labyrinth


About the Book:
OYIZA COULDN’T STAND BY and watch the orphanage marry her off to an unknown man to hide the truth of her pregnancy. She knew life was more than the four walls of the orphanage, and she was determined to see it. On the night she flees the orphanage, a chance encounter gets her adopted by a wealthy family, introducing her to a life of luxury she only ever saw in her dreams. But all that glitters isn’t gold in this twisting tale by Wafikah Adaviruku, as Oyiza finds herself and her unborn baby in the middle of a sinister plot made of lies, drugs, and murder.

About the Author
BORN AND RAISED in Abuja, Nigeria, Wafikah Adaviruku is a geologist, creative writer, spoken word artist and a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. She believes words are the illuminating path to an enriching future and hopes to showcase as much light as possible in her writings. She currently resides in the bubbling city of Lagos where she hopes to bring her creativity to life. The Girl in the Labyrinth is her first novel.

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