Chio Zoe

Chio Zoe is a fantasy writer and the author of ‘Memory of Stone’, ‘Verity of Old’ and “Mastery of Lore’ from Memory of Stone Trilogy — with more novels to come. She also has a short fantasy story published in ‘Bitesi Review’. She writes a broad array of fantasy inspired by multiple cultures and folklore across the world.
Chio was born and educated in Nigeria, where she earned a degree in Architecture. Her free time in secondary school — when she wasn’t training as an athlete — was used to write stories in different genres such as children’s horror, paranormal and romance, which she shared with classmates. Her unpublished children’s horror gained the interest of a publishing house, which led her on a path to writing professionally.
Her early career as a professional writer — which began in her teen years — includes ghost writing a short fantasy story and restoring and completing a novella for publication.
Complementing her writing, she works as a writing mentor to new writers, at the Write Mentor’s Spark Programme, Glasgow UK, and as a creative writing teacher to children learning the craft.
She has a YouTube channel Chio Zoe writes dedicated to teaching writers, reviewing books, and promoting the reading culture in Nigeria.

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