The Girl in the Labyrinth


About the Book:
OYIZA COULDN’T STAND BY and watch the orphanage marry her off to an unknown man to hide the truth of her pregnancy. She knew life was more than the four walls of the orphanage, and she was determined to see it. On the night she flees the orphanage, a chance encounter gets her adopted by a wealthy family, introducing her to a life of luxury she only ever saw in her dreams. But all that glitters isn’t gold in this twisting tale by Wafikah Adaviruku, as Oyiza finds herself and her unborn baby in the middle of a sinister plot made of lies, drugs, and murder.

About the Author
BORN AND RAISED in Abuja, Nigeria, Wafikah Adaviruku is a geologist, creative writer, spoken word artist and a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. She believes words are the illuminating path to an enriching future and hopes to showcase as much light as possible in her writings. She currently resides in the bubbling city of Lagos where she hopes to bring her creativity to life. The Girl in the Labyrinth is her first novel.

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