Name of Book: Through The Needle’s Eye

Author: Onoja J. Okpanachi

Genre: Nonfiction(Memoir)

Number of Pages:190

Name of Publisher: Arise Igala Publishing Limited

ISBN: 978-978-797-105-1

Reviewer: Salamatu Sule


Reading the book, Through the Needle’s Eye poses a simple question about what it means to Pass Through the eye of a needle. That simple answer would demand the reading of the book Through the Needle’s Eyes written by Onoja J. Okpanachi.

This is because the hyperbolic term as we know often sounds fictitious but here is a book that carries facts because the narration is authentic from the horse’s mouth.  Okpanachi relates to readers, the backstory behind his business success, and the challenges encountered.

Those who will read this book will encounter how the author’s quest for survival in a land of plenty meant he would have to pass through the needle’s eye in the face of a heavy storm as he paddles his own boat of life to achieve the goals that would help him record maximum success.

The book is clearly a work of nonfiction, a memoir exposes depicting the life hurdles of the author as he builds and grows his business breaking through different life challenges as well as the ordeals with the people he encounters.

Onoja recounts how the many ordeals encountered left him with a life lesson that is unforgettable. He wrote about the nostalgic memories of how The Onoja Dreams Network came to life through the efforts of his mother. The focus of the initiative was for advancing the socioeconomic and cultural development of the Igala people while also extending a handshake by sailing through cultural diversity that’s beyond just Igalaland but Nigeria as a whole.

Attah Anthony Agbali, Rev, Fr., puts it succinctly when he defines the book as purely a work of nonfiction and Memoir in specific:


This memoir offers us a critical personal narrative

and inside story of the most formidable, engaging

and enamouring Igala print media that has ever been birthed”.


(Foreword Page)

“Inevitably, this memoir provides us with many vital insights and requisite lessons

necessary for our collective understanding and assessments of certain pertinent

concerns pertaining to our human forward surge and foraging towards meaningful

existential progress.  First, it notes that our dreams of realities are equally realities

of our dreams laced with enormous potency and power. Possessing creative vision

must always be the root of any innovative processes and purposeful initiatives.”


(Foreword Page)

Why the author set out to write this book not to tell a story that would earn him applause but rather, he decides to document his story so that others who may want to blaze the trail would be inspired to take or learn one or two lessons about life and how to break through. It is also to show to them by way of the inherent challenges that are inevitable to occur from time to time, that in itself a worthy and lofty dream like that of Onoja is not for the chicken-hearted.

This lofty dream that was expedited by the author’s mother is what Onoja has to see to the reality that it is indeed a promise he owned her and the entire Igala nation to fulfil How the metamorphosis of the Onoja Dreams into the many branches arising from the Arise Igala Magazine then later to the Arise Igala Leadership Awards and now the Arise Igala Television is a feat of a man who’s dogged, consistent amassing the power of his potentials and the belief in human capacity and capabilities to drive and achieve success just with a meagre sum for a start.

This book showed clearly that the narrator’s aim was not the money in the first place but the goal and end product and his will, thirst and desire not to give up. For the author, to quit is not an option but to do and doing it right was the only option and nothing more.

What happens if the narrator’s dream is deterred? There’s a sense of spiritual connection about faith moving mountain for the narrator as he recounts severally that each time he falls into murky waters or is about to be swallowed by Sharks, God always provide him with rescue soldiers in the form of human angels to come to his aid.  Each time he tries to resign to fate, the good news is always bound to wait for him at the end of his turmoils.

“Despite having gone through a blazing furnace

and experiencing many broken promises, we never

 stop learning from our experiences. Our challenges

are a tonic and a catalyst for creativity because

they keep us ready for bigger responsibilities.

We become better, stronger, and more formidable

every single day. The future looks quite bright,

this we know. The narrative, as presented

“Through The Needle’s Eye,” is therefore a tale of

the past, a history of the present, and an expression

of optimism for the future”.

                                Through the Needle’s Eye; Intro. Pg

The narrator tells us that the essence also is not to cause a trigger for fear of starting up a novel project like his but the urge to consistently put our hearts into it. The optimism for consistency is the belief and drive not to give up.

This book is saying if you are that pessimist, you cannot have a dream that can grow as rapidly like the narrator has been able to scale through. Also, to push through, it emphasized the need for patience, tenacity, focus, resilience and being open to mentorship, taking one or two life lessons and not holding on to grudges that can mar achieving of goals.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. First for students of business and anyone who wishes to climb the ladder of success.

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